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The Designers

What does an interior designer do? 

A:  Designers come up with things you would not have thought of and give solutions you may not have considered. 

Why should I hire an interior designer? 

A: Great sources, knowledge and experience. Your project will get done without languishing. A designer will help manage and control your budget by setting realistic expectations of what is possible. Hiring a designer can help you avoid costly mistakes and help you make design decisions that will increase the value of your home.

When should I hire an interior designer? 

A: Once you have decided to go ahead with a project, contacting a Designer should be your first port of call. Inevitably, this will incur an additional designer's fee. However, the truth is that hiring a designer can help you avoid costly mistakes and help you make the correct design decisions that will increase the value of your home. 

Why should I hire you?

A: We provide testimonials and references from previous projects. We have an extensive portfolio where you can view past projects and with our Unique ShowHouse in Monda, you can visit and get a real feel of the tastes and visions of Henoo Designs.

What cities do you work in?

A: We have projects running within the Europe.

I live outside of the Andalucia area can you still work for me?

A: Yes

Can you work with me if I’m based in another country?

A: Yes not a problem. Through online and communication.

How qualified are your interior designers?

A: Our designers have achieved excellence in their fields of study. All have attended Design Colleges and graduated with flying colours. Please see our ´Meet the Designers´ page for more details.

Why you instead of an in-store decorator?

A:  Henoo Designs provide a personal touch and guiding vision throughout the process. Unlike in-store decorators, we will give you dedicated attention, outstanding service, share creative solutions and ensure everything runs smoothly to completion.

The Process

Hiring an interior designer: How does it work?

A: After contacting us we will discuss your basic ideas, we charge for the initial visit and design proposal.  At the location the designer will walk through the space with you to make notes, measurements and see the natural lighting.

What is the sequence of phases that my design project will go through?

A: Although each project is unique, the interior design process typically covers several stages. Each stage focuses on a different area, which are all brought together in the final design. After you initial meeting with the designer a plan will be drawn up and all phases will be discussed with you.

At what point in my project should I hire a Interior designer?

A: We recommend to bring us on board of a project relatively early. There is often a misconception that interior designers only specialise in furniture, color schemes and decoration but we do space planning, room layouts, lighting plans and plumbing as well. All this needs to be planned in the early stage of the project as to avoid costly mistakes and make sure all material arrives on time.

What should I do before I contact an interior designer?

A: It is particularly important to decide on a realistic budget and have a few thoughts on how you want your dream space.

What happens at the first consultation?

A: We will sit down with you to discuss your ideas, needs and desires in more detail. Once the designer has seen the space they will draft the first proposal.  If you like what you see and would like to continue a contract is drafted which states clearly the specs of the project.

How do I prepare for my initial consultation with an interior designer?

A: You can plan by collecting images, colors and ideas that you like. Write down what your ideas and must haves are. If you have already a specific idea have it hand. If you have a floorplan or drawings and measurements takes those with you to the first meeting. 

How long will the first meeting last?

A: That depends on how big your project is. But in general it will take an hour.

How long will our project take?

A: Each project is unique, our designer (in conjunction with builders and managers if applicable) will communicate with you the estimated length of your project.

How involved in the process will I need to be?

A: Everyone’s tastes are personal and we value this. We listen to you. We get to know you and the property to ensure that our design concepts are tailored to you and your requirements. It is important to ensure that whatever we recommend complements your personality, your property and any existing furniture and elements that are to remain. You can give us Carte Blanche or if you prefer to sign off on ideas and/or changes that is perfectly normal.

How do you show the final design?

A: The final design will be through Fllorplans, Moodboards, Color swatches, Fabric swatches and if the client desires through. 3d rendering. A 3d render is a 3d drawn coloured model of what the result will look like.
(this is at an added cost)

What if I am unhappy with your designs?

A: We provide one round of free revisions when developing design concepts in case there are any elements you would like to change when we go through them with you. Our aim is to always ensure it is an enjoyable experience working with us which means we encourage feedback and for you to voice your opinion.

When does the actual project get started?

A: After you have agreed with the quotation and signed the proposal we will send you the first down payment. We will commence the project after the first down payment has been paid to the bank.

Our Services

What type of projects can you do?

A: Residential & Commercial

Do we need to use your contractor or architect?

A: No. You may prefer to use a company that you know or have been referred to, but we are able to arrange this if required.

Can you manage the entire project?

A: Yes we can. We have a full team of dedicated people and can outsource to trusted third parties when needed.

Is any project too small?

A: No, we do any size of project, for smaller projects we have specialised assistants to manage the work and with full guidance of the head designers.

Do I need a designer if I only want help with new furniture?

A: If you want your new furniture to enhance and to co-ordinate with the existing room then YES

Do you have a speciality?

A: Yes. Colour coordination.  See ´HenooColor´ on the services page. 

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